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Tips For Better Sleeping And Sleep Routines

Tips for better sleeping are as common as the birds in the trees. Yet every night, you can’t fall asleep, or you wake up five times per night, or you wake in the morning feeling unrested, and you need to get yourself back into a regular quality sleeping routine. Many of us practice tips for better sleeping every night, but how many follow through? We could all use a little help in getting the rest our bodies need. Read on for some ideas for getting the sleep you need, even if you have trouble sleeping.

Tip 1: Experts recommend that ordinary people get a minimum of seven hours of sound sleep every night. However, it can be hard to fall asleep and stay asleep when your daily routine is anything but ordinary.

Tip 2: Although it may be impossible to achieve, some experts say that sleeping with the sunset is the most optimal time for getting a good night’s sleep. Dim light from the sun does not make it easier to sleep; in fact, it may keep you awake. The sun makes it hard for your body to regulate its internal clock, and your internal clock is crucial to your sleep cycle.

Tip 3: To get the best night’s sleep, avoid bright light at night or right before bed and use bedding and pillows with natural fibers.

Tips for better sleeping may be less obvious than those for better overall health. Stress and worrying about your sleep cycle can affect your body temperature. Your body temperature rises because of the increased blood flow and energy required to fight stress when you are stressed. Your body is also tense, and you may feel achy and restless while you try to fall asleep. Resting your body and easing tension will help you fall asleep quicker and more peacefully.

Tip 4: Don’t skip the nightly ritual of going to bed at the same time. Experts say that too much interrupted sleep is a significant cause of poor sleep quality. A nightly routine can give you the relaxation you need before starting your day and preparing for the next one.

Tip 5: Have a warm, soothing bath or shower and unwind before bed. It may sound silly, but it can really help you go to bed at a more relaxed pace. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should and for at least a month.

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Tip 6: Avoid bright light when trying to go to bed. Light can keep your melatonin levels in overdrive, which can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Try using overhead lighting or decorating your bedroom with less direct sunlight entering from a window. You can also use red and blue LED lamps instead of regular light-emitting diodes to reduce the amount of light entering your room. Using red and blue LED lamps also benefits working a lot better than regular bulbs.

Tip 7: Changing your routine is an excellent tip for better sleep. If you don’t have a good sleep routine, you are more likely to have interrupted sleep throughout the night, affecting your daytime alertness. Before the end of your day, you should be hustling on your purpose. Try to get up and move around a little each hour if you sit at a desk all day or even run little extra errands if possible. This will help you wind down and feel more tired before you go to bed later that night.

Tip 8: If you didn’t already know, drinking coffee and tea are both unhealthy for sleeping. Both are stimulants that can keep you awake all night. It is best to avoid them altogether, especially the morning after, because caffeine can keep you up throughout the day, which doesn’t necessarily help you fall asleep. Avoid drinking any tea before bed either, since tea is another stimulant and can keep you awake as well.

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Tip 9: Many people have found luck with over-the-counter medications. However, this all-natural sleep spray is a smart habit to put into your new routine before you go to bed. I like to use the sleep spray about 30 minutes before bedtime. There are many other wellness sprays for almost every need.

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I will continue adding more sleep tips to this post in the future. Best of luck, and sleep well!

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